Brian Patrick Roach is a Los Angeles-based actor.

When he was younger and asked, “What do you want to be when you grow up?” for the longest time his response was, “I want to be a pilot-doctor.” That’s right, he wanted to be a doctor who also had his pilot license so he could fly around the country from patient to patient. It was this idea of an entirely unrealistic career, although not impossible, that set in motion his creative mind.

After a lot of mind-changing – from pilot-doctor, to firefighter, to lawyer, and many more – he realized that he could be several of these, if not all of them! His life path was to be an actor.

Upon this realization, did he beg his parents to put him in acting classes? Nope. Did he start auditioning for regional theatre? No way! He decided to go on and obtain “life experience” before pursuing a career in the arts.

He spent high school in the pool at diving practice and then attended Binghamton University on a diving scholarship where he was once told by a judge that he, “had the toe point of a pretty ballerina.” Always a performer, he reveled in this compliment!

After receiving his B.S. in Human Development, he started work at a nonprofit organization in upstate New York. Though he cared deeply for the work he was doing, along with a funding cut that left him unemployed, New York City was calling his name.

A few years into an office job at New York University, he decided it was finally time to take the leap. He saved some money and then threw paycheck and health insurance to the wind to pursue acting. He enrolled in classes at New York University and Weist-Barron Studios while working on various film and theatre projects. Eventually, he made the move to Los Angeles where he continues to work in film, television, and theatre while training at Anthony Meindl’s Actor Workshop. He lives with his fiance and two rescue dogs, Baxter and Oliver.